Why Publish and Research with us?

Before we read on the arguments of what should make you publish with us we urge you to answer the following few questions for yourself – both as a researcher and a knowledge enthusiast

  • What makes you publish a research finding?
  • What do you expect post publishing a research paper?
  • How do you feel when you have to pay an exorbitant fee to read a fellow researchers article?
  • How do you think the readers of your articles will feel when they have to pay to gain from your articles?

Your answers are no different from a majority of other researchers and knowledge enthusiast. The slim availability and high fees act as a deterrent for the reach of your research findings In our regular interaction with a wide range of researchers we have identified the top three things that a researcher expects post publishing a research finding

  • Readers need to know the “Researchers'” accomplishment “Recognition of their Work”
  • Readers need to know who the “Researchers'” are “Recognition of Self”
  • Open up avenues for them for future collaborative research by increasing their reach and network “Better Future Prospects”

The biggest roadblock for a researcher not being able to accomplish the above three lies in the “incompetence” of the publication houses handling their research findings. Most of the research papers either doesn’t reach the intended recipients or reaches a very few of them. At (IJEEE) Vision-i Publication we put you needs and aspirations at the heart of our business and hence follow the “Open Access Model” of publishing research papers Mentioned under are the key features of this methodology

What is Open Access?

Open Access stands for unrestricted access and unrestricted reuse. Open access (OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journals published work such as research papers and articles, thesis, case study, research report and monographs

Why Open Access Publications?

Open Access puts research instantly at the fingertips of anyone who cares to read. Researchers can find and access any relevant work from anywhere in the world with no price barrier. That means science and discovery will advance faster. This increases the reach of your research and hence increasing your reader base and visibility

Benefits of Open Access

  • Accelerated discovery with open access, any researcher can read and build on the findings of others without restriction or without paying any fee. This accelerates authors’ discoveries among all masses worldwide in a shorter span of time.
  • Public enrichment Most of the scientific, medical and management research is paid using public funds via the government bodies or non-profit making organizations. Open access deservingly allows taxpayers to witness results of their investment and helps build credibility of the researcher/research organization
  • Improved Education Open access ensures that teachers, students, junior research fellows and knowledge enthusiasts etc have access to the latest research findings throughout the world.
  • Better visibility for researchers’ received scholarship when articles are publicly available, researchers’ scholarship is available to anyone who might search for it. That means more readers, more recognition, and more impact for each article. In fact, recent studies have shown that open-access articles are cited by other authors more frequently as compared to articles that aren’t openly available.
  • Avoiding duplication: Researchers hate to waste time and money conducting a study if they know it has been attempted elsewhere. Duplication of efforts and research is all-too possible when researchers can’t effectively communicate with one another and make results known to others in their field and beyond. Open access helps in spreading the research work accomplished with others who aim to start a similar/same research work. One a research is known about it stops duplication of efforts while building a platform for further enhancement of the initial work.
  • Citation Benefits the main motivation for most authors to publish in an open-access journal is increased visibility and ultimately a citation advantage. Research citations of articles in a hybrid open-access journal have shown that open-access articles are cited more frequently or earlier than non-open-access articles.

Benefits with IJEEE

  • Publishing Type Online with Open Access This gives you all the advantages mentioned above for open access journals
  • Coverage Area: We have covering various subjects from the field of science, technology, social and management science.
  • Recognition and Acceptance of Research work Authors’ researches get full recognition among intellectual community without any constraints acting as a catalyst for opening up more lucrative future prospects for the author
  • Wider Audience/Reader base : Open Access allows the research finding be published on the internet without any price, or access constraint giving the researcher a wider base of audience to reach
  • Minimal Costs for life time availability Once the one time processing fee is paid for an accepted manuscript we guarantee a life time free access to readers all across the globe via the internet
  • Elevated Visibility We guarantee the visibility of manuscripts on all search engines and indexing databases
  • Enhanced Citation occurrences The Authors’ research published in an open access format get more frequent citation in other author’s research papers and sites.