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Dr. Kumar Keshamoni




Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Ethics in Engineering & Management Education (IJEEE), ISSN 2348–4748 (Online)
Dr. Kumar Keshamoni,B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D did his Ph.D. at the V.B.S.P. University, India he is Professor of Electronics Communication Engineering at the Vaagdevi Engineering College, Warangal, TS, India.
Prof. Kumar Keshamoni, Organized& Conducted National Conferences, International Conferences, Faculty Development Programs, National level Workshops and attended several National, International Conferences and working/worked as a Associate Member for Board Member for International Journals & International Conferences.
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Prof. Kumar Keshamoni’s research focuses on Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), in particular on the: (i) Wearable Technology, (ii) Wireless Personal Area Network, and (iii) Internet of Things. So far, he published his work in about than 25 articles in international scientific journals, 100 poster and 54 oral presentations at national and international scientific meetings. He is editor of 5 books, theme editor of 5 special issues, inventor of 2 patents and author of 5 book chapters.
Since 2010 Prof. Kumar Keshamoni is heading the VIS (IIIoT) research group “VIS”: currently 2 professors, 5lecturers, 10 technical/administrative staff, 10 post-docs & PhD students and 30 master students. In 2014, Prof. Kumar Keshamoni served as Editor-in-Chief of the “International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation “, since 2016 he is Editor-in-Chief of the “International Journal of Ethics in Engineering & Management Education”.
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