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Dr. Adel A. Elbaset Mohamed

Selected Works of Dr. Adel A. Elbaset (/dr_adel72/recent.rss)
Faculty Member
Associate prof. Adel A. Elbaset was born in Nag Hamadi, Qena-Egypt, on October 24, 1971. He received the B.Sc (http://B.Sc)., M.Sc (http://M.Sc)., and Ph.D. from Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Minia University, Egypt, in 1995, 2000 and 2006, respectively. Dr. Adel has been appointed in various positions in university teaching and research as follows: Demonstrator 1995, Lecturer 2000, Assistant Professor 2006, manger of Minia Web site 2008. He has been a vice manger

Research Interests Electrical Power Systems, Renewable Energy, and Information Technoogy
Honors and Awards
Scholarship for nine month fund from Eg
Visiting Assistant Professor, Japan
Referee 1. Prof. Dr. O. Hanafy (
Referee 2. Prof. Dr. A. M. Sharaf (
Referee 3. Kumamoto University (
Our Group (
Contact Information Full Name: Adel Abd Elbaset Mohammed Address: Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, Minia, Egypt, 61517 Home Telephone: 201226951895 Work Telephone: 20862364510,20862348005. Fax: 20862346674 Mobile :20126951895 Email: Please Sign in for that group if you are interested. Email:



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